The Moon In My Heart

The Moon In My Heart 1

The Moon In My Heart

The moon in my heart
is open and full.
Shining brightly.

The moon in my heart
is shy and hides.
Peeping out from behind trees.

The moon in my heart
is for the one who knows me.
My love for always.

(c) 2021 Dorothy Berry-Lound

The Moon In My Heart 1


This poem is illustrated by a series of 10 colourful designs that incorporate the shape of a heart and the image of a full moon behind trees. The different designs reflect different moods, the more bright and colourful are cheery, some are more dark and hidden.


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My name is Dorothy Berry-Lound an artist and writer. You can find out more about my art and writing at

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I am having fun living half way up a mountain in Central Italy with my husband Barnet Boy, Stevie Mouse and the rest of my fur family. I am enjoying creating art that people will love having on their walls. I also love storytelling through my blog and short stories.

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