What Could Your Cats Be Saying To Each Other?

Even Kittens Gossip

Sparked by my image ‘Even Kittens Gossip’, I wondered what could cats be saying to each other when they are snuggled up all innocent together? I lightly touched on this subject in an earlier blog on animal communication.

What Could Your Cats Be Saying To Each Other?

what could kittens be saying to each other
Even Kittens Gossip

What could these two be saying to each other I wonder? Let me see what I can come up with. What about:

  • Boy, her butt looks big in that!
  • She really put on weight when she had those kittens.
  • Crikey, is she having a bad fur day.
  • Yeah, so then we reached the point where he started licking his butt and I knew he had lost interest in me.
  • Here comes the male human, roll on your back and look cute real quick there could be food!

So the next time your cats are sitting next to each other and look like they are communicating, be afraid, be very afraid.

What do you think your cats say to each other?

Based on an original short article I wrote for Bored Panda three years ago.

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