Three Bicycles That Complement Their Surroundings

Bicycles complement their surroundings
Red Bicycle Pienza

Just over a year ago I wrote a blog about Bicycles as Art Objects. Following on from that, in this blog I want to look at three bicycles that complement their surroundings. All of these bicycles were blending in with their surroundings in Pienza, Tuscany.

Bicycles That Complement Their Surroundings

The Pink Bicycle

Bicycles That Complement Their Surroundings
The Pink Bicycle

This pink bicycle really caught my eye, partly because of the contrast of the pink against the background foliage. The color of the bicycle really makes this a nice picture because it complements its surroundings and shows them off to good effect.

Neatly parked on herringbone paving, the pink bicycle is leaning against the garden pots of the outside area of a restaurant in Pienza, Tuscany (Italy). The restaurant has a seating area within an enclosed garden area full of climbers and plants. Clearly the owner of the bicycle has popped in for a bite of lunch.

The White Bicycle

bicycles that complement their surroundings
White Bicycle Pienza

A totally different view of a bicycle in this image but equally striking.

A white bicycle has been parked, leaning against a wooden garage door in Pienza. In one of the newer parts of the town, the paving is herringbone style but the walls are made of traditional stone to fit in with the older buildings.

In the same way the pink of the first bicycle complemented its surroundings, the white bicycle makes a beautiful contrast with the wood of the garage door.

The Red Bicycle

Bicycles complement their surroundings
Red Bicycle Pienza

What can I say about this? I turned a corner in Pienza and actually gasped as this looked as if it could have been staged!

Here we see a beautiful bright red bicycle with a pink seat parked on the marble door step of a building, leaning against a wooden doorway. The doorway is framed with a container garden, pots of plants and some trellis with a climber going up the wall, very typical for a town house without a garden.

So there you have my selection of three bicycles that complement their surroundings. And we never got to talk about the fact that I have never ridden a bike!

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