Paciano in Umbria

22nd August 2016 4

I first really introduced where I live, Paciano in Umbria, in one of my blogs going back to June 2015. Paciano is pronounced Pachano or Pashano in local dialect by […]

Obsessed by Archways

19th August 2016 4

I have to come clean … I am obsessed by archways. I said in an earlier blog that since I was a teenager I have been a great fan of […]

Cetona Tuscany

15th August 2016 0

My first introduction to Cetona Tuscany, Italy, was many years ago when I was taken by a friend to the annual April Flower Market known as Cetona in Fiore (Cetona […]

Jazz and Blues Collection

8th August 2016 0

Today I am launching my new Jazz and Blues collection of images, available now from my online gallery. Living in Umbria, Italy I am lucky to be able to take […]

Thoughts on a Visit to England

1st August 2016 0

I have been in England enjoying a long awaited visit with my parents. I hadn’t seen them since February so this was very special. I will tell you what I […]

Turning Old Photographs Into Art

18th July 2016 0

Well I found a pile of old, faded photographs and wondered how hard it would be to turn old photographs into art. The original photographs were taking on 35 mm […]

All About Dogs

15th July 2016 3

All about dogs – well, Ringo and Spud. I thought in the interests of balance, having devoted my last blog to cats it was only right I should devote this […]

All About Cats

11th July 2016 1

All about cats – no comment on UK politics or how we are veering from one crisis to another with no immediate plan for the future (oh wait…. sorry about […]

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