Brexit – a personal view

28th June 2016 0

This is an art blog but it is also about my lifestyle and I can’t pass the subject of Brexit by without making some comment; so here is my personal […]

A Tour of my Art Studio

20th June 2016 0

In today’s blog I am going to give you a tour of my art studio. I have two main places where I work on my art, lounging on the sofa […]

Tai Chi and Flip Flops

17th June 2016 0

Not everyone will be as concerned about the pithy subject of Tai Chi and flip flops as I am as a Tai Chi instructor. There is a reason I am […]

Spice up your beach look

13th June 2016 0

Well it is almost mid June and thoughts turn to the summer, holidays and trips to the beach – so it is time to spice up your beach look! Being […]

National Iced Tea Day

10th June 2016 0

Well today is National Iced Tea Day – those who followed my earlier blog on National Day Madness will know that I am not keen on all of these weird […]

Colour Perspectives

28th May 2016 0

So before I get on to the subject of my blog, colour perspectives, I have to just give a nod to one of my recent blogs, the aptly named ‘Then […]

Colour Harmony on Art of Where

23rd May 2016 0

In my blog on Friday I mentioned that I had opened a new online store, Dorothy Berry-Lound – Colour Harmony on ‘Art of Where’. Well today’s blog counts as the […]

Then the Chaos Hit

20th May 2016 1

Well the title just about sums up this week for me, settling into my groove and then the chaos hit! First of all cats – outside cats to be precise! […]

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